What is NO OUTLET? It's a show
that challenges all the preconceived
notions of what people expect
stand-up comedy to be. A show
that strays from the traditional
stand-up formula and applies the
interweaving of material and
dynamic transitions inspired by
conventions found in long form
improvisation. The result is a show
too theatrical for comedy clubs,
but it's mention of 'stand-up'
scares off most theaters; hence
the aptly titled 'NO OUTLET'. A
title that also serves as the theme
for the show; in NO OUTLET you
will find a world of situations that
eternally encircle themselves and a
cast of characters each caught in
their own perpetual search for
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Nick Vatterott has been named:

"... a promising young comic"  - The Chicago Tribune

"...perhaps the most imaginative stand-up currently in Chicago" -
the Onion

One of the top ten comedians in Chicago - New City Magazine

One of five up and coming comedians to look for - Chicago Magazine

"One of the downright funniest people in the city" - Time Out

"Funniest Man in Chicago" - Chicago Magazine

A "Break-out" in the Montreal Just for Laughs New Faces comedy
showcase - The Hollywood Reporter
Book NO OUTLET, the show whose run was extended in Chicago,
invited to the Chicago Sketch Fest, and performed in front of a
standing room only audience in Hollywood. Whether you're a
college, a theater or a club, NO OUTLET is a high energy,
critically acclaimed comedy show that will leave audiences with a
feeling that they've enjoyed something uniquely different. And
with a one man cast and minimal set needs, NO OUTLET can
afford to be performed at a much more attractive rate than many
large ensemble, big budget productions. To Book NO OUTLET or
Nick Vatterott to perform his stand-up, or any other questions
just click on the contact key below!
Come see the show that Chris Singel of The Bastion called:

"... a mile a minute, beautifully crafted, perfectly executed show."  

And Steve Heilsler of
Time Out Chicago listed as:

"RECOMMENDED" and a "DON'T MISS", stating:

"There are no breaks, no visual aids and no opening acts - just Nick
Vatterott on stage for 45 minutes and you'll laugh the entire time."
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